Monastic Traditions v4.0.0 Public Update!

Hey all!

I’ve got a lot of exciting updates going on behind the scenes getting ready to update all of my Alternate Martial Classes (Fighter, Barbarian, Rogue, Warlord, Wanderer), but I wanted to share something with you all in the meantime! So here are my Monastic Traditions!

The Compendium here is designed for the Player’s Handbook Monk Class, but uses a lot of the mechanics from my Alternate Monk – I hope you enjoy! (Especially if your at a table that is more likely to allow a homebrew subclass instead of a full homebrew class.)

NEW this time around are the Way of the Mystic, Alternate Way of the Four Elements, and Alternate Way of the Sun Soul. Enjoy!

As always, I’m open to any constructive criticisms you may have!