Monster of the Week Codex of Worlds

Unite your party of hunters with new team playbooks and take your supernatural adventures into alternate genres and fresh settings with this huge expansion for the acclaimed Monster of the Week RPG!


Hunters Choose from 15 different team playbooks and give your characters new allies, new moves, and new assets

  • Don your suit and sunglasses as Agents In Black
  • Give your game that Saturday morning cartoon vibe as the Mystery Club
  • Protect your home from magical incursions as Guardians of the Borderland
  • Guard the galaxy from super sized threats as the Interdimensional Crisis Team
  • And more!

All in all, the Codex of Worlds offers over a dozen new team playbooks which unite and support your characters in their battle against supernatural evil.

Keepers Leave the modern day behind with five new series frameworks! These worlds give you new settings and alternate timelines to challenge your hunters.

  • Explore a mansion packed with occult secrets in This Strange Old House
  • Journey into a supernatural Age of Industry in Gothic Century
  • Dive into a surreal and mystical alternate Renaissance in Dreaming with the Gods
  • Contend with spirits and colonizers in the medieval fantasy of Monster Marches
  • Strive for harmony between your enclave of Stone Age humans and the animistic spirits that surround them in Bone Spear

Each framework includes game tweaks, new threats, and an introductory mystery to get you started—or take inspiration from your own sources and use the advice inside to build your own monstrous world!

The Codex of Worlds. The moves are bigger, the stakes are higher, and the world gets weirder.

You grasp the Codex in your hands. Open its pages and step forth into new adventures!

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