Morlog’s Fortress for Triforged

Explore deeper into the dangers of the Forest of the Moons in Morlog’s Fortress. This introductory dungeon delve is designed for the Triforged RPG system (availablel HERE). It expands upon the worldbuilding in the Forest of the Moons setting, which comes with the core Triforged booklet.

Morlog, a local Grunk warlord is getting restless. He’s outfitted his forces with exceptional weapons and armor, and other Grunk mobs are swearing fealty to him. The elders of the Greenleaf Clan fear he’s planning an invasion of Silverglade, their ancestral home.

Your mission is to find Morlog’s hidden fortress, discover how he’s making these unbreakable weapons, and break his hold over the area if you can.

This adventure is the first part in an upcoming set of interconnected modules. It’s relatively straightforward and has a lighthearted fantasy tone.

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