Pinebox Middle School Digital Boxed Set (BUNDLE)

Welcome to Pinebox, Texas. This setting is meant to evoke the frightening adventures of staples likeStranger Things®,Goosebumps®,The Goonies®, andIt®! Evil is afoot, and it’s up to a group of scrappy young kids to set things right. But this isn’t a nostalgic trip back in time modern technology and modern problems are in the mix to complicate the balance between family, school, and horror.


The 210 page, hardcover Pinebox Middle School core book offers everything you need to create your own starting 6th grader, complete with new Hindrances, Edges, and even a section for Family Generation so you know who you need to con to get a ride to the site of your next ghost hunt. There are rules getting around Pinebox and surrounding Golan County as a kid with little more than your trusty bike, navigating the strange unreliability of cell phone signals in rural Texas, using “soft weapons” such as water guns and fire crackers to distract and disrupt your opponents, and even for dabbling in the arcane via dangerous but powerful ritual magic.

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