Sidekicks for Cyberpunk & Shadowrun Book 10 3 Detailed Non Player Characters

Welcome to “Sidekicks for Cyberpunk & Shadowrun Book 10,” a thrilling addition to your role playing adventures in the gritty and dystopian realms of cyberpunk and Shadowrun. Inside these pages, you’ll find three exceptional NPCs ready to weave their stories into your campaigns, adding depth, complexity, and excitement to your narrative.

  1. Meet Zara Vega, a revolutionary AR artist and hacker whose vibrant creations blur the lines between reality and the digital world. Zara’s talents extend beyond the canvas; she’s a master of hacking and manipulation in the virtual realm, using her skills to expose corruption and fight for justice. With a paintbrush in one hand and a data jack in the other, Zara is the perfect blend of artistry and activism.
  2. Next, we introduce you to Sasha Reyes, an enigmatic saboteur and power grid hacker who knows the intricate inner workings of urban infrastructure like the back of his hand. Sasha specializes in chaos, leveraging his knowledge to manipulate power grids, disable security systems, and create mayhem wherever he goes. His unique combination of technical mastery and tactical cunning makes him a formidable ally and a terrifying adversary.
  3. Last but not least, you’ll encounter Max Blackwood, a genius inventor and jury rigging prodigy with an uncanny ability to craft ingenious solutions from whatever odds and ends are at hand. Max’s expertise in creating unique gadgets, tools, and devices from the most unlikely components makes him an invaluable resource for any team. From enhancing weaponry to constructing unconventional gear, Max’s creativity knows no bounds.

Within these pages, you’ll uncover in depth profiles, intricate backgrounds, and stat blocks for each of these captivating NPCs, compatible with both the Cyberpunk and Shadowrun systems. These sidekicks are not mere followers; they are fully realized characters who will breathe life into your campaigns, offering fresh perspectives, skills, and opportunities.

Prepare to embark on exhilarating escapades alongside Zara, Sasha, and Max, as they navigate the dangerous landscapes of futuristic megacities. “Sidekicks for Cyberpunk & Shadowrun Book 10” is your gateway to uncharted realms of storytelling, strategic gameplay, and unforgettable role playing experiences.

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