SJ DC CBB 05 The Draconic Core

It has come to light that the core of the planet Nit is in fact an egg for a colossal aberrant monster, a Cosmic Horror, and an Eldritch Lich intends to see it hatched! Dvergar 9 is the youngest in a line of nearly identical autognomes and mayor of the Village of Wit, a settlement on a floating island in the upper atmosphere of Nit. The Mayor knows the only hope of stopping the cosmic horror is to seek the aid of his eldest brother. Dvergar 1 is the first of this line of autognomes and is a reclusive, powerful and insane archmage. The adventurers must venture into the depths of Dvergar 1’s asteroid lair to seek some way to stop the Lich and the menace in the core of the planet Nit.

A 4 Hour Dungeoncraft (AL) Adventure for Characters of Level 11 16. Part 5 of the Planet Nit Series for Dungeoncraft Adventures Spelljammer Adventures. Optimized for a group of 5 players with an APL13.

Includes image flies of the maps for VTT programs.

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