Sordamir Village (Deluxe Version)

A starter or expansion village (or town) with everything you need!

Nestled against the Singing Brook river, Sordamir is a successful and tranquil village on the Honeycomb Coasts. Once wild lands under the chaotic tutelage of orcs, ogres, and other creatures of near bestial nature, intrepid adventurers have tamed the landscape in a desperate attempt to create a place of peace and prosperity.

This module includes the following

Everything you need for a starter town!

  • Village of Sordamir Map
  • 4x Different Inn Battlemaps
  • Church of the Rising Sun & Graveyard Battlemap
  • Day / Night and Grid / Gridless versions for all Battlemaps
  • Silver Spirits Inn Menu (and Visual Menus for reading impaired PCs!)
  • 7 Fully Detailed and Named NPCs including portraits, suggestions for quest ideas, stat blocks, dialogue starters that reveal their relationship with other named NPCs, and anti murder hobo tactics!
  • Inn, Church & Clerical Services, Wizard & Potion Services, Blacksmith, General Store, Tannery, and more!
  • A small collection of boons and unique magic items wielded and sold by the NPCs.
  • Two new Games of Skill or Chance, Ogre Coins and Wizard’s Tower!

(This deluxe pack includes everything in the Sordamir Map Pack and Compact versions! Do not buy those versions if you already own this!)

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