SWADE Horror Companion


The Savage Worlds Horror Companion lets you recreate everything from the classic Universal® monster movies and Vault of Horror® comics to Lovecraftian cosmic horror to more modern fare like The Walking Dead®, the works of Stephen King, or bleeding edge psycho thrillers… all in the award winning Savage Worlds rules system!

This 202 page book updates the original Horror Companion to be completely compatible with the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition core rules.

Here’s what you’ll find inside

  • A gorgeous new layout by fan favorite Karl Keesler; a beautiful new cover; all new art by the phenomenal Sigil Team, and more art than ever before! New CHARACTER OPTIONS, Edges, and Hindrances. Play monstrous creatures of the night as unlikely heroes.
  • New and updated GEAR, like ghost traps, motion trackers, and a host of special weapons like silver, cold iron, and ultraviolet light catered for use against specific monsters!
  • New narrative LODGE rules, compatible with Headquarters for supers and Keeps for fantasy groups! Build a lair for your team of hunters, upgrade it, and deal with the adventurous complications that come with it!
  • A horde of new SETTING RULES to emphasize the nature of horror, including new ritual magic, madness, “Buckets of Blood,” Conviction for villains, Wards and Binds, and so much more!
  • The creatures have been completely overhauled with new Special Abilities. Monsters from around the world offer unique perils and unexpected weaknesses to keep heroes on their toes. Monsters also come with different variants for more surprises and to help match different kinds of stories.


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