The Grand Grimoire of Cthulhu Mythos Magic | Roll20 VTT

Over 500 spells of dire consequences, secrets, and unfathomable power!

Contained within are gathered spells drawn from over thirty years of Call of Cthulhu supplements and scenarios. Each spell has been revised for the Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition game, including optional Deeper Magic for the most powerful of Mythos sorcerers and monsters, with which to beguile and confound investigators.

Packed full of advice and guidance on diverse matters including spell names, elements of spell casting, magical components, and astronomical considerations. Plus flawed spells, ley lines, folk magic, and the magic of the Dreamlands. Use this grimoire as a resource, a play aid, and as inspiration when designing scenarios. The Grand Grimoire of Cthulhu Mythos Magic is an essential supplement for Keepers of Arcane Lore.

What’s Inside?

A Glimpse of the Magic Inside

Advice on Expanding Magic in your game.

The suggestions within this chapter are intended to provide Keepers with ideas and possible scenario plots with which to confound, delight, and horrify their players. Whether ley lines, areas exposed to magical residue, astrological alignments, or other factors, Keepers are encouraged to expand the use of magic within their games, ensuring that “magic” is never a safe, easy, or understandable process, and that it often comes with unforseen and dire consequenecs.

Spells that should not be cast Your investigators will face cultists willing to sacrifice their sanity and indeed their very souls to be able to cast terrible spells in the name of their dark and unforgiving masters.

And how to integrate Folk Magic(or not)

All book assets and information fully integrated for the VTT, including all500+ spellsand9 monsterswith drag and drop support onto the official Call of Cthulhu by Roll20 character sheet.

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