Underdark Trail Battle Map Release

Greetings Adventurers!

Welcome to map release number 3 for the month of August! This week we’ll be taking another dive deep into the dangerous dwellings of the Underdark! I really love exploring this realm because there’s so much to see and do down there. The creativity of the Underdark is boundless and provides so many opportunities for fun encounters! Barbarians will be receiving a trail map that will allow for various strategies to be played out during combat. Funneling the enemies or maybe exposing some long range weaknesses for either side. Death Knights will be getting a second map with a more wide open path for larger encounters. Additionally, Death Knights will be receiving a bonus handout of the second map to show their players! I do hope these colorful maps help to create a memorable experience for your players where using the battlefield helps them win, or lose, their encounter. I hope you all enjoy this week’s maps and until next time, roll on!

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