Vallaki u0026 Burgomaster Mansion Map Pack!

The download URL for the map files can be found in a following “Tier Rewards” post specific to your tier, or on the Pinned post on the front page of the Patreon.

I am happy to present an expanded section of the village of Vallaki, from the D&D module, Curse of Strahd, which contains many different buildings and the interior for the three-level Burgomaster’s Mansion.

The map also includes a building to be used for the St. Andral’s Orhpanage (a location featured in a 3rd party product, a version of which will be released later in a support pack featuring some building interior tiles for this section of Vallaki).

The remainder of the village features a variety of areas for social or combat encounters and plenty of space for your party to explore and navigate, as they make their way through the village. The intent is to continue expanding Vallaki to encompass the entire village and all of its named locations (and additional ones).

I hope you can have some good adventures in this location!