BX Game Options Volume IX The Knott

Welcome to Volume IX of the BX Game Options. This issue is all about offering Player Character more class options, with a big chunk dedicated to the Druid. The Elven Archer II, Shield Bearer, Sword Master, and Zealot are also included. Additionally, more combat options for Weapon Mastery are introduced and several feats presented in Volume IV are reworked with the Faith ability presented in Volume V along with a couple of new ones.

While many retro games may have the Druid, the version presented uses Faith to empower many of their abilities as well as additional rules when dealing with high level druids akin to the limited ranks presented in some of the original rules. Over 40 spell descriptions are listed as well.

The Elven Archer has been reworked to use the Weapon Mastery rules presented in Volume II and both the Shield Bearer and Sword Master are of a similar vein, building the classes out with the Weapon Mastery option and new combat options covered in this volume. The Zealot is an alternate build for offering characters that wish to use a Paladin like class or the game master may use it to generate a nasty Anti Paladin nemesis.

Many of the feats listed in Volume IV dealing with faith and Clerical Blessings have been reworked using the Faith feature presented in Volume V along with a couple of new feats as well.

For full transparency, it should be noted that this volume relies heavily on those issues that have come before it, particularly Volumes II, IV, and V and individuals may wish to grab those volumes prior to picking up this one.

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