FREE Coilsong Siren Miniature from Archvillain Games!

Greetings Heroes!.

Our good friends at Archvillain Games, are offering a Coilsong Siren miniature from their latest release as a FREE GIFT to our subscribers!

The miniature files are located in the Promotions Folder inside this month’s SYNC Download folder. Link found at the pinned post.

Few words about Archvillain Games:

“We areArchvillain Games and we create miniatures in 32mm scale.

Since November 2019, with the help of our subscriber’s support, we’ve been creating the most original and detailed 3D printable miniatures in the market. We also rigorously pre-support and test our models before releasing them to you every month so that you spend less time dealing with the print files, and more time enjoying the models on your tabletop.”

This item was published by someone else on Patreon. The link at the bottom will take you to the post.

Check it out!