Lich of the Lost

Return to the world of Thimbleton Inksquire’s Runic Compendium in this darkly heartfelt high level adventure (designed for PCs level 16 20) for D&D 5e.

Face down the Bloodrune, Casden Aratus, as his machinations thin the boundaries between worlds, allowing fey, fiends, and even celestials to invade the world of Aglemantor and steal entire nations from its denizens. But beware, this king of red and woe is beyond dangerous and waves the death of an entire continent as his bloody flag. His plans must be undone, lest you discover what further atrocities the Lich of the Lost is capable of.

Inside Lich of the Lost, you will find

  • Instructions on running high level campaigns
  • A tale of love, loss, and the lengths one will go through to create a forever family
  • 15 new runic creatures and NPCs
  • 13 magic items infused with runic power
  • 18 maps for your VTT or tabletop

From the team that delivered the captivating Baba Lysaga’s Nocturnes & Nightmares and Beyond the Golden Vault.

NOTE The Lich of the Lost often references (and therefore expects that you already own) Thimbleton Inksquire’s Runic Compendium.

preview of early encounters

getting within the walls

nearing the final confrontation

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