Malikhar’s Outfitters 2

Malikhar’s Outfitters 2 is the second volume in Scornubel’s premiere resource for every type of good an adventurer needs including magic items. The pdf includes

  • 35+ new magic items including the expanding bedroll, marvelous massive marbles, and moar’s cowbell!

  • Details on Malikhar’s personality to run him as an NPC.

  • Prices on additional magic items Malikhar has available to expand material presented in volume one.

  • Prices for all new magic items presented.

Smaller version of cover The cover features Gregor Milstaff with many supplies from the premeire shop in Scornubel, Malikhar’s Outfitters. Visitors to Scornubel are invited to shop at the finest outfitters along the Trade Way to stay well equipped.

Spread showing page 6 and 7

Skull of Manshoon's Clone, example item

This item is priced at $1.00

This item is produced by Eric D Hausherr

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