Sidekicks for Cyberpunk & Shadowrun Book 12 3 Detailed Non Player Characters

Welcome to “Sidekicks for Cyberpunk & Shadowrun Book 12,” an enthralling addition to your role playing adventures in the vibrant realms of cyberpunk and Shadowrun. Within these pages, you will be introduced to three remarkable NPCs who will infuse depth, complexity, and excitement into your campaigns.

  1. Allow us to present Kai Hunter, a consummate urban explorer renowned for his uncanny ability to infiltrate the most unconventional and enigmatic locations. Whether scaling the dizzying heights of megatowers or navigating the labyrinthine depths of forgotten sewers, Kai’s expertise in navigating the unseen corners of the city makes him an invaluable asset. His unique talents will lead you to discover secrets hidden in plain sight.
  2. Meet Riley Monroe, an unyielding Anti Corporate Activist and Propaganda Hacker whose voice resonates with defiance against the omnipresent forces controlling the city. Riley’s mastery of the digital realm, coupled with a relentless drive for truth and justice, marks her as a thorn in the side of the corporate elite. Her ability to sway minds and manipulate information will challenge the very foundations of authority.
  3. Finally, say hello to Caleb Kim, a visionary 3D Printing Artist whose talent for rapid prototyping blurs the lines between creation and invention. Caleb’s skill with the latest technologies enables him to conjure weapons, drones, and a myriad of other creations from the depths of his imagination. In a world where innovation is paramount, Caleb’s creations are limited only by the boundaries of his ingenuity.

Within these pages, you will uncover detailed profiles, intricate backstories, and comprehensive stat blocks for each of these captivating NPCs. Compatible with both the Cyberpunk and Shadowrun systems, these sidekicks are more than mere companions; they are fully realized characters who will breathe life into your campaigns. Their diverse skills, perspectives, and potential for intrigue are bound to leave a lasting impact.

Prepare to embark on thrilling exploits alongside Kai, Riley, and Caleb as they navigate the neon lit streets and towering skyscrapers of futuristic metropolises. “Sidekicks for Cyberpunk & Shadowrun Book 12” opens the gateway to unexplored realms of storytelling, strategic gameplay, and unforgettable role playing experiences. Your adventure begins now!

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