Solemn Vale Tales from the Wyrd

Tales from the Wyrd is a selection of Story Modules for use with Solemn Vale.

The Stand Alone rules for the Wyrd Abacus can be dowloaded directly below.

https// Wyrd Abacus Standalone rules for Solemn Vale

Solemn Vale is a quaint town in Southwest England, isolated from the world by a jagged coastline and dense woodland, scarred by mining works thrashing and rioting at the threat of closure. The close knit community gives rise to a village mentality where the newest visitors and smallest infractions can become sources of gossip and scandal overnight. It is a land steeped in history, where forgotten sects pray to pagan gods in the dark corners of Thatcher’s Britain.

A narrative driven storytelling game set against the backdrop of 1970s England,Solemn Valeexplores an abhorrent world of Folk Horror and the Supernatural. Each game is a communal storytelling experience, with two or more Players taking on the roles of visitors or inquisitive residents whose eyes have been opened to a festering evil, ensnared in a tale of mystery and survival. Guided by the Narrator, each story will deliver a small glimpse into the grim underbelly of the Vale and the festering malevolence feeding it. Success is by no means certain, as the Wyrd corrupts and destroys all those who confront it.

Solemn Vale is a state of mind, twisted and macabre, laced with dread and paranoia and occasionally tinged with dark humour. It is the darkness in the cave, the shopkeeper’s stern glare, the lone voice urging you forward when every sight, sound,and shiver of your spine tells you to turn back…


Published by Dirty Vortex LLC
Creative Director Mark Kelly

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