The Blood Mage Roll20

Haigo Dungeoncrafts bring you The Blood Mage!

Fully compatible with the Roll20 Compendium and Charactermancer.

The Blood Mage provides a brand new magic class, 41 original spells, & two new creatures. All designed and tested to be fair and balanced whilst giving the player a great experience.

As a Blood Mage, you will wield a great arcane power, drawn directly from the essence of life within a creature’s blood, be it a friends, a foes, or your own.

All Blood Mages must make a sacrifice to cast their spells, utilising an Arcane Blood Mass a special arcane focus created from a character’s own blood.

Blood Mages are separated into three different subclasses;

The Haemomancer – Formidable specialists in powerful blood control magic;

The Sacrificial Preserver Healers of renown, drawing on their own life force to endow others with great bonuses or provide aid;

The Sanguine Supplementer – Fierce users of empowerment and destruction blood magic.


“In many fantasy settings, blood is said to be a potent source of arcane power. The Blood Mage aims to prove it.

It provides three distinct subclasses, each of which has interesting mechanics encouraging to try different builds and concepts.

A big compendium of creative spells supports this variety, as those clearly were created with synergies in mind. Many of them are subclass exclusive to help define the identity of each subclass. I was pleasantly surprised about the seven cantrips the class offers, as each serves a different purpose. The rest of the spell list fits the class’ theme well and the amount of spells that are at the Blood Mage’s disposal at any time rivals that of a preparation caster, making it very versatile.

If you enjoy playing spellcasters and making tactical decisions, you should take a look at this class, as it offers strong magic at the cost of one’s own vitality. It could backfire or save the day, that’s on you – and perhaps the dice. ” Sophie Peschel

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