The Slaad Package

Need more Limbo Toads in your games? Well, here they are!

The Slaad Package includes

  • 3 new powerful, high CR slaadi, including the enigmatic White Slaad, the strange and destructive Black Slaad, and Ygorl’s own chosen lieutenant, the Black Slaad Entropic.

  • Members of a colorful adventuring party, including a Red Slaad Rogue, Blue Slaad Barbarian, Green Slaad Sorcerer, and Grey Slaad Cleric, alongside explanations about their personalities and group dynamics, and their stat blocks.
  • 2 new subclasses related to slaadi, the Slaad Lord Warlock Patron and the Chaos Slayer Ranger Archetype.
  • 1 stat block for the worn enemy of the slaadi, the Githzerai Slaad Hunter, an NPC based on the Chaos Hunter ranger archetype.
Whether you’re a DM looking to spice things up in a Planescape campaign, or a player who wants a powerful but fair, plot related character, this product is for you.

(note to save time and money, the production is minimalistic on purpose, with no art.)

This item is priced at $4.75

This item is produced by Idan Kramarge

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