The Yellow Book of Brechewold

Wizards are not wise.

If you enter the halls of Brechewold School for Tricky Youths expecting to catch the winds of magic in your sails and harness them under the guidance of master navigators, guess again. The winds are hurricane gales, and as for the navigators, well… they’re looking out for themselves. Let us hope that your puny vessel can weather the storm.

The most help you can expect from your professors is the odd tip offff about what can be found in the murky depths below the castle or its enchanted, wooded environs. And pray you do not upset their schemes. Wizards are not wise.

The Yellow Book of Brechewold is a campaign supplement for Lamentations of the Flame Princess and other traditional tabletop role playing games.

It answers the question, “What if Jack Vance wrote Harry Potter as a sequel to TH White’s The Once and Future King?”

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