WIP September Teaser! Mimas, Fidelium Child and Nanny Beetle

“Nature becomes a playground for a child, riding upon the back of a loyal beetle.”

The Fidelium, if you remember, shun magic and use bio-hacking and animal husbandry/domestication to achieve their ends. One of the things they’ve done is bred insects to help them with their tasks, up to and including looking after their children. Erin thought this was a whimsical and cute idea that people might enjoy 🙂

Mimas, Fidelium Child and Nanny Beetle

Children of the Fidelium are typically cared for by a Nanny Beetle, a species they’ve bred to recognize Fidelium children as their own. The Nanny Beetles protect, groom, and gather food for their charges. When Fidelium children mature, they stop producing the pheromones recognized by the Nanny Beetle, and it will move onto another child. Mimas is getting close to the age where his Nanny Beetle will leave him, but for now they’re inseparable.

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