Wizard School of Hard Knocks

School’s Out For Ever!

Wizards of the School of Hard Knocks learn magicthe hard way.

You don’t have a spellbook. And you definitely don’t use wands.

Instead, your spells are tattooed onto your skin to create a painful but beautiful design. And your hands are more comfortable grasping a frying pan or broken bottle as your spellcasting focus. After all, you can then smack someone round the face with it after you’ve blasted them with a fire bolt.

Invitations to prestigious wizard schools don’t just fly out of the fireplace if you’re some poor orphan in Waterdeep. This world is tough and cruel!

So what was your backstory? Are you a blunt instrument who couldn’t pass the entrance exams? Were your parents killed by a hoard of rampaging gnolls? Did you have to stay at home and look after your little brothers and sisters?

In any case, you stick your middle finger up at this unfair world. You’re thick skinned. You’re a glutton for punishment. And, eventually, your stoic philosophy will help you to become a great wizard, an inspiration to everyone else that wasn’t born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

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