Bard’s Vicious Mockery Race Compendium 700+ Vicious Mockery phrases, with 1d20 roll tables for each race!

In this book you will find tables with sarcastic remark to use with the bard’s Vicious Mockery spell. There is a ready to use table with 20 phrases to roll 1d20 for each race. More than 700+ Vicious Mockery funny phrases!

Prepare to embark on a side splitting journey through the realms of Faerûn with the irreverent and uproarious “Bard’s Vicious Mockery Compendium.” Join the audacious bard Maedric the Merciless as he unveils a compendium like no other—a treasure trove of wit, humor, and cutting repartee that targets every race inhabiting the Forgotten Realms.

In this uproarious tome, you’ll find

  • Insightful Introductions Delve into the essence of each race through Maedric’s clever commentaries that highlight their quirks, idiosyncrasies, and cherished vanities. From the aloof Elves to the sturdy Dwarves, no stone is left unturned.

  • Roll of Fate Equip yourself with a d20 and prepare to unleash the ultimate roasts! With each roll, a new and hilarious insult emerges, perfectly tailored for the target at hand. Will you be armed with a quip to cut down a Goblin’s ego or deflate a Dragonborn’s bravado?

  • The Wisdom of Experience Discover the secret behind Maedric’s razor sharp wit as he recounts tales of his encounters across the Forgotten Realms. From raucous taverns in Waterdeep to shadowy alleyways in Baldur’s Gate, witness the evolution of a true master of mockery.

  • Laughter as a Bridge Unveil the heartwarming truth beneath the jests—a shared camaraderie and understanding that laughter can forge connections even in the most diverse of communities.

Whether you’re a mischievous bard aiming to expand your repertoire of vicious mockery or an adventurer seeking a good natured chuckle, the “Bard’s Vicious Mockery Compendium” promises an unparalleled blend of humor, magic, and camaraderie. So, embrace the power of laughter, wield the words like a bardic spell, and let Maedric the Merciless guide you through a realm where wit reigns supreme. Get ready to roll the dice and roast with finesse!

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