Mytho Kit Bash challenge

Hey, folks. Our New Dominion FronTiers just launched, and to help bolster the ranks of the Mytho-Resistance I’ll be converting a bunch of fantasy models from my personal collection into sci-if freedom fighters. (It helps that I’ve been doing a daily miniature paint-up of late.) These two are Reaper miniatures (Bones) frankensteined with some Games Workshop bits. I kept my orange/black/gold theme so they’ll fit in with the ones from our own range that I’ve been painting lately, but I’ve sort of gone into a “space pirate” theme, so I like these as a distinct faction too.

Anyone else interested in doing this? If you do, share it to Instagram (or the social media of choice) and tag them with #mythokitbash and/or #mythokitbash2023

This isn’t really a contest or anything, I’d just like to get something rolling and check out other sci-fantasy miniature makeovers. I love the stories that come out of traditional conversions. But feel free to do digital kit-bashes too! Or use TitanCraft or HeroForge or whatever. I just want to see those Mytho-Sapiens!

– Dutchmogul

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