Primordial Storm Goblin (One Page Monster)

The Primordial Storm Goblin stands as a colossal figure, towering at a staggering 18 feet in height. Their emerald green skin, a hallmark of goblin heritage, is adorned with swirling runic symbols, crackling with faint traces of lightning. They possess long flowing blue hair that crackles with static energy, adding to their imposing presence. Born of an audacious experiment by the goblin god Maglubiyet, using the blood of Annam, these giants, however, rejected their divine creator, embracing their inherent cruelty instead. They forcibly impregnate other species of primordial goblins, seizing their offspring and consigning these hybrid children, known as Primordial Cloud Goblins, to lives of relentless servitude.

These haughty giants dominate through fear and subjugation, fostering an environment of unrelenting oppression among their Primordial Cloud Goblin kin. They dwell in close proximity to the peaks of the world’s tallest mountains, where the ever shifting skies give rise to rapid fluctuations in weather patterns, echoing the capricious nature of these giant overlords.

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