{Roll20} Unearthed Spoils #003 Supernatural Savannah



The grasslands should be an open book. However, dangerous things lurking in the tall grass and ravines can change your life (or end it) in a heartbeat.

Unearthed Spoils #003 Supernatural Savannahcontains the following content

  • SPIRIT DOMAIN Mind, body and soul are the mainstays of humanoids, but these clerics believe that it is the spirit that is present in all creatures.
  • CIRCLE OF THE CHINOOK Druids of the Chinook are masters of wind and air.
  • BACKGROUND CIRCUS TRAINER You didn’t have to run away from home to join the circus you were raised in one.
  • LANDMARK SPELLS A new magic spell (or four) to scribe in your spellbook.
  • VELDT MAGIC ITEMS Fifteen fully described magic items to brighten your day and darken that of your foes.
  • SAVANNAH SERVITORS Fifteen denizens of the grasslands to help or hinder you on your way.
  • 9th LEVEL ADVENTURE A nomadic tribe of plains elves is having trouble with the supernatural and a band of marauding orcs. Their warriors have left to fight a war in the East and those remaining are defenseless against this evil incursion.






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