Shadows of the Spectral Corsair

The Shadows of the Spectral Corsair is a low level DCC adventure that can easily be adapted into a higher level adventure. The players will start the adventure in the sea port village of Seabreeze Harbor where they will hear the tale of a ghost ship, the ‘Shadow’s Revenge’ reappearing after having gone missing for ten years. The adventurers will set out to sea in a skiff where they can have several encounters. One can be one a little rocky island, another can be almost getting lost at sea by rowing too far from land, and the other is encountering the Shadow’s Revenge. After boarding the ship, the adventurers will have to fight through a few skeletal ship crew with the possibility of gaining some treasure. The big bounty though can only be gain by defeating the undead captain of the Shadow’s Revenge. There are also triggers that will put the game on a countdown. If the adventurers find themselves on board the Shadow’s Revenge when the countdown ends, they will become part of its eternal skeletal crew. If they can make it back to shore with the captains treasure, they will be rich indeed.

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