Shattered Heaven ~ September Release Reveal!

“Celestial Judgement falls upon the realms! An Angelic faction known as the Order of Apollyon has embarked on a path of destruction.
They view humanity’s existence as a corruption, a blight that needs erasure.
The lines are drawn and the City of Spires is chosen as the battlefield that will decide the fate of the realms.
You and few celestial allies, are the last hope to turn the tides of Divine wrath or we will all drown in fire and blood.”

Greetings Heroes!

We are happy to reveal the September release ⚔️ Shattered Heaven ⚔️

The Shattered Heaven Download Links will become available on the first week of September and will be found at the Active Patrons Pinned Post here.

The “Shattered Heaven” Release includes:

40+ Highly Detailed Miniatures & Scenery Pieces ~ All Presupported! ~

  • Order of Apollyon:
    – Apollyon, Paragon of Order,
    Archangel General.
    Celestial Archons, 4 poses.
  • Order of Balance:
    – Primus Planetar,
    Voice of Mercy.
    – Astral Devas, 4 poses.
  • Celestial Soldiers:
    – Nephilim Hippogriff Cavalry,
    4 poses.
    Nephilim Knights, 4 poses.
  • The Judge, embodiment of Justice
  • Herald of Judgement
  • Seraphims
  • Scenic Bases for all the miniatures!
  • Bust version of Apollyon, Paragon of Order!

*Size measurements in the pictures are given in height, from the lowest to the highest part of the model.

“Celestial Grounds,” Scenery Pieces!

The scenery and terrain pieces that will be included in this release are:

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