Steps to a Hero

Do you want characters who have deep ties to their world? Backstory that directly affects mechanical traits? A fun, fast, unique character creation minigame? In this 120+ page book, you’ll find an entirely new lifepath system for developing 5e fantasy characters!

What is Steps to a Hero?

Steps to a Hero is a fresh approach to character development. With the step by step resources in this Fifth Edition fantasy book, you’ll discover the remarkable story of each character’s early life, and determine how those experiences gave them the unique abilities and traits in their background.

Get everyone on the same page when it comes to character generation!

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For use in fifth edition fantasy roleplaying games

Steps to a Hero is designed for use with the 5th Edition of the World’s First Fantasy Roleplaying Game!All of it is streamlined specifically for 5e, overriding or complementing parts of the base game.

What is a lifepath?

A lifepath is a unique tool for producing a character, beginning them early in life and setting them down a path to become the avatar you’ll begin the game with. In telling the story of how a character came about, a lifepath replaces the common process of generating race, background, ability scores, and other traits.

A lifepath is a process of discovery, and each step on the path is an event, decision, or encounter which will reveal things about your character – generating both backstory and game mechanical traits as you go.

Maybe you’ll be a brawny and dangerous half minotaur, after a lifepath in which you learned arms from a master, then indulged your wanderlust, laboured in the underworld for a while, and made coin in the fighting pits.

Perhaps you’ll be a hardy sea legged elf, having been press ganged onto a ship, then worked as a galley rower, and were swallowed by a giant monster.

Maybe you’ll be a dexterous dwarf dragonborn adept with tools, where after a traditional schooling you carved a tremendous statue, smelted curious metals, and for a time were student of a chirurgeon.

Steps to a Hero includes three hundred of these lifepath ‘steps’, producing practically endless combinations!

Contents of the book

Lifepath systems have a storied TTRPG history, and it’s time to bring that story to fifth edition fantasy roleplaying! In Steps to a Hero, you’ll find

  • Everything you need to develop 5e characters with lifepaths
  • 300 unique lifepath ‘steps’, combining fantasy short fiction with corresponding character traits
  • A comprehensive set of rules describing the lifepath process
  • Optional rules for tweaking character generation
  • A ton of game content including hundreds of new background features
  • Methods to make many millions of possible stories and backgrounds
  • 12 ancestries, covering all the classics, plus all new half djinni, half minotaur, half dryad, and shorewalker
  • An appendix of design and implementation details

Join our journey

It’s our biggest book project to date! All from the keystrokes of Periapt Games founder Ben Meadows and the brain of oddity enthusiast Ramy River.

Steps to a Hero is a resource for your fantasy games. It’s an aid for crafting characters who are deeply immersed in their fantastic world, and who will undertake journeys through it Delves through dungeons deep. Wanderings over wondrous wildernesses. Crusades across otherworldly planes. Journeys of exploration, adversity, and discovery.

And a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Venture forth!

Steps to a Hero

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