Yggdrasil Roots (33×64)

Hey everyone!

This is the final, final part of the Yggdrasil series. We hadn’t initially planned this section but as it was requested a lot we thought we’d give a go! We wanted to show the Nidhogg chewing on the roots of Yggdrasil, we imagined it was so big and powerful it was almost like a root in itself. We figured you’d reach this area through the caves or basement in the the Village map, or maybe through the tree cracks in the Trunk map.

Of course there’s versions without the Nidhogg which makes it a lot more useable as a generic cave. The ‘Empty’ versions of each variation should be really handy in a range of situations, we made Ice, Desert, Meadow and more. So if you ever want a well in a cave going down in the depths of the world, now you have one!

You can see the rest of the Yggrasil series here:

Yggdrasil Treetop

Yggdrasil Branch Overlook

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