Atlazian Ruins and Trader’s Way Digital Assets

Have you ever searched for the perfect map but couldn’t find one with the right number of rooms for your adventure? We’ve got you covered! This pack contains 120 maps with a variety of layouts, sizes, and numbers of rooms. The maps are easily insertable into most digital tabletops. We’ve also included a number of symbols to help you place entrances, doors, and exits throughout the map, as needed.

The maps in this pack are Atlazian Ruins and Sacred Caves from our Djorde RPG setting, though they can be adapted for use in nearly any other fantasy setting, as well. There are at least four distinct types of Atlazian ruins that can be discovered in eastern Djorde. Each has unique architectural characteristics, and different types of magical items can be found within. Sacred Caves, on the other hand, are considered holy by the monarch dragons that live near Trader’s Way. The original purpose of the Sacred Caves is unknown, though it may be related to a lost draconic religion.

Also included in these assets are digital maps and tokens suitable for this region!

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