Blood of a Nephilim (Level 5 Adventure for 5e, PF2e, and STRONG RPG)

This book contains an adventure from the Djorde setting, built for the 5e, PF2e, and STRONG RPG systems and suitable for four level 5 characters.

The precursors of giants, a race called the Nephilim, live in small farms and villages scattered across the Direlands. In addition to being hundreds of feet tall, some Nephilim have the capacity to cast arcane spells at will. Luckily for other mortals, Nephilim tend to keep to themselves, but they are hostile towards intruders. Few adventurers willingly enter Nephilim territory except to collect their blood, which is a prime component in blood magic rituals.

Having heard rumors of an isolated Nephilim farm, you trek across the Direlands in the hopes of obtaining a small vial of the Nephilim’s blood. Underneath the shadow of a mountain, you find a farmhouse hundreds of feet high. Even the front steps are three times as tall as the tallest orc. Clearly, even getting inside this structure will not be easy. Collecting the Nephilim’s blood will be even more challenging, but if such a deed can be accomplished, you will receive a rich reward.

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