Dragon’s End Ruins (Level 4 Adventure for 5e, PF2e, and STRONG RPG)

This book contains an adventure from the Djorde setting, built for the 5e, PF2e, and STRONG RPG systems and suitable for four level 4 characters (Level 8 for the STRONG RPG). It is recommended that only Gamemasters (GMs) read this adventure, while player characters (PCs) will experience it fresh during a campaign.

Many millennia ago, a civilization called the Old Atlas Empire ruled these lands, leaving behind nothing more than ruins. During their heyday, the Atlazians unraveled the secrets of arcane magic, mastering incredible spells and infusing objects with arcane energy. In the modern day, all arcane magic relies upon the remnants of the Old Atlas Empire as a power source. Adventurers delve into dangerous ancient ruins, seeking artifacts to support the magical economy of Djorde.

You have heard rumors of a specific site, known as the “Dragon’s End Ruins”, that has reportedly not yet been looted by other adventurers. Having explored for many days, you have finally reached your goal. The statue of a robed figure stands threateningly over the statue of a massive dragon, perhaps prostrate or dead. To the right of the statue, a thick metal door leads into a hillside. Though it took significant effort, you have finally found the entrance into the ruins.

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