Elseridge Academy 01 On the Precipice

Welcome all to our newest and largest borough yet! Elseridge Academy is our answer to all of who you voted for a magic school setting in our most recent poll. Well, you wanted a magic school, and we’re giving you a magic school! Elseridge Academy is a massive university abutting the cosmos.

This borough will consist of TWELVE releases (finally justifying our two-digit numbering scheme), and we’ll be releasing it through the start of 2024. Just a scheduling heads up: we will be intermittently breaking up our normal release schedule to drop additional LIMINARC content as well as a smaller city in the middle of October.

Alright, let’s check out Elseridge Academy!

Borough Guide

Our first borough guide for this massive magic school introduces you to the basics of the academy. First and foremost, we’ve got its origins and location. Elseridge was founded by a time traveler who fled to the distant past to save the future. As such, Elseridge places a preeeettty big emphasis on time traveling responsibly. Notably, Elseridge Academy is north of Vyndurvoht, where Hjass ends and the stars beyond begin. We introduce you to the 6 colleges and 2 interdisciplinary tracks, discuss the environment at the edge of the world, and prepare you for the ins and outs of the first few days of classes.

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