Encounter Set #1 (5e)

The following supplement offers 10 encounters for a 5th edition game. Each encounter will have the recommended number of players and their level displayed next to the title (i.e. Example Title (4 PCs | Lvl 4 6)).

These encounters are best used for some down time in a campaign, when the story needs some breathing room, but the players need something to do. Most of these encounters are generic enough to fit into most campaigns, but a few of them have specific themes that may be more effectively utilized in a similar style campaign. Either way, these are mere tools for the Game Master to forge an effective tale.

The encounters vary in length from 1 to 4 pages. Most of these encounters are simple, and sometimes vague, to allow for quick and varied use. This means that they can be easily adjusted for different difficulties and results.

The Lord’s Drake is not counted as one of the encounters as it is a direct follow up to Of Bandits and Brigands. Knights of the Round Tabletop is included despite it being a meta joke. You could, alternatively, just play Fire and Brimstone without the 5e setup.

Various Themes

The themes range from simple goblins and bandits robbing people to villages having people disappear at night. From haunted houses to a 7 page murder mystery. Hopefully you’ll be able to use most of these encounters regardless of their theming, or easily adapt them with minor changes.


Please note that many of these encounters require the Monster Manual from Wizards of the Coast and/or Tome of Beasts from Kobolds’ Press. Each enemy section will list which book it is from, along with the page number it is found on.

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