Multiversal Mansion (Level 7 Adventure for 5e, PF2e, and STRONG RPG)

This book contains an adventure from the Djorde setting, built for the 5e, PF2e, and STRONG RPG systems and suitable for four level 7 characters (Level 14 for STRONG RPG). Be warned that this adventure is longer (and more combat filled) than most we release; it will likely take two or more sessions to complete. It is recommended that only Gamemasters (GMs) read this adventure, while player characters (PCs) will experience it fresh during a campaign.

In Djorde, arcane magic was only rediscovered in the last century, and its mysteries are still being unraveled. As the first few generations of arcanists construct magical “wondrous items”, impressive innovations are continually being discovered. One of these such innovations is a “marvelous mansion”, a towering structure that springs into existence when a powerful arcane spell is cast.

However, you have heard rumors that one of these marvelous mansions has become unmoored from reality, adrift in the extraplanar realms, taking its creator along with it. Every two days, the marvelous mansion returns to a meadow in a nearby forest, offering only a minute to safely enter. After a brief trek in the forest, you have arrived at the front door. Inside this marvelous mansion, adventure awaits!

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