Order of the Hatchet

Here’s the full order of the hatchet, plus 3 more in a fight scene! I’ll just repeat what I wrote in the previous post to explain this order. This is one part of the preview for September, I’ll post the rest later

The city of Tortosa, in northeastern Spain, was held by Islamic Moors until the Second Crusade. In 1148, Ramon Berenguer IV, Count of Barcelona led his forces to wrest control of the city. The crusading armies then moved on to attack other places. This left the city open to counter-attack in 1149. Moorish armies found the city well-defended, though, for the ladies of the town donned men’s clothing and fought with whatever weapon was closest to hand, including hatchets. Berenguer was so impressed with the spirited defense that he created the Order of the Hatchet and bestowed it upon the women soldiers.

This was not a military order, but it was one of the few female honorific orders

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