Phrenium, the Divine Realms Digital Assets

Have you ever searched for the perfect map but couldn’t find one with the right number of rooms for your adventure? We’ve got you covered! This pack contains 240 maps with a variety of layouts, sizes, and numbers of rooms. The maps are easily insertable into most digital tabletops. We’ve also included a number of symbols to help you place entrances, doors, and exits throughout the map, as needed.

The maps in this pack are taken from the Divine Realms of Phrenium Divine Cruxes, Horned Temples, Titan’s Bodies, and Twistholds.

Cruxes are nexuses of divine energy, found throughout all of the realms. Godsiphons (a way for aberrants to drain divine energy from Phrenium) must be attached directly to Cruxes in order to be most effective. Unfortunately, Cruxes are often in dangerous or difficult to reach locations.

Horned Temples are powerful sites that can be found across all the divine realms. Usually described as evil, Horned Temples are created from misplaced faith. Monsters are spawned from inside the temple, with bizarre, twisted shapes related to the sin that created them. These monsters are invariably hostile towards mortals, seeking them out with a ferocious violence.

According to legends, the Titans were the heroes of ancient ages that forged the Divine Ideals. Proto saints, they died in the material plane of various causes and passed into the divine realms as their afterlife. However, the Titans were killed, perhaps as victims of an ancient war. Some even wonder if the Titans defended the world against the first invasion of the aberrants.

Formed from thought energy, Twistholds are dungeon like locations that offer coalesced divine energy as a potential prize for adventurers. The coalesced divine energy in Twistholds takes the form of gems that are capable of being transported back to the material plane. These gems are worth much more than their weight in gold, one of the most highly prized items in all of Phrenium.

Also included in these assets are digital maps and tokens suitable for this region!

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