Random Encounters 4 The Ballad of Auntie Eagerton

Here I present to you Ballad of Auntie Eagerton, a short module of compiled notes from my home game compiled asa short short zine to drag and drop into your game, you might need to modify it to suit your compaigns needs, but I hope that you can use this as a start.

The module centers around a green hag named Auntie Eagerton, and begins with her backstory, a statblock for herself and her green flame skull minions, and then a ‘dungeon’ to keep her in. The dungeon includes a map and each area a description.

I tried to keep the module true to my campaign notes and not go into painstaking detail for every single room and object within them, so you might want to expand upon certain creatures or objects located within, but I’m sure you will!

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