Sacred Cave of Monarch Dragons (Level 4 Adventure for 5e, PF2e, and STRONG RPG)

This book contains an adventure from the Djorde setting, built for the 5e, PF2e, and STRONG RPG systems and suitable for four level 4 characters (Level 1 for the STRONG RPG). It is recommended that only Gamemasters (GMs) read this adventure, while player characters (PCs) will experience it fresh during a campaign.

In a time long before the modern day nations of Djorde, dragons entered the mortal world through Tangles, touchpoints with their extraplanar home. Emerging from tunnels beneath the modern day Altus Cliffs, the dragons came from sites now known as sacred caves. Left behind in these caves are magical objects and valuable treasures, making them a target for thieves and bandits. However, dragons do not allow mortals to enter these caves without permission, believing it to be desecration.

You were informed that a nearby sacred cave has been defiled by bandits. Intending to clear out the site, your journey through the Bake was short, just a day’s travel to the west of Trader’s Way. Along the way, the sun of fire beats down upon the thirsty land, and the ceaseless heat is exhausting. Just as the sun of light reaches the heavenly void and darkness begins to arrive, you finally reach the dragon’s sacred cave, now occupied by bandits.

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