Scythe Sea and the Brinkalan Sovereignty (Regions of Djorde)

Have you ever wanted more from your RPG setting? Want a book jam packed with unique lore, interesting conflicts, playable NPCs, and fearsome monsters? We’ve got you covered!

This book describes a region of Djorde, a tabletop RPG setting. Inside, you’ll find information about the magic, technology, ancestries, groups, and powerful creatures that can be found in this region, as well as much more! As a flexible, system agnostic setting, Djorde is designed to work with most fantasy based RPG systems, including 5e, PF2e, and the STRONG RPG. For a taste of the Djorde RPG setting, please also check out our free setting handbook in our storefront!

The Scythe Sea is one of the most populous regions of Djorde, with numerous nations connected by inlets, bays, and waterways that lead to the ocean.The ease of trade among these disparate nations has grown the region into an economic powerhouse that is eager to exploit the growing advancement of magic. However, old tensions between Keld and Anver lie beneath the surface, and the increasing threat of piracy and the drug trade stifles the region’s progress.

Once a large nation that rivaled the splendor of Magna, the Brinkalan Sovereignty fell apart due to corruption and malice. The secession of Lidea removed the breadbasket of the nation, and the former nobles of the Brinkalan Sovereignty have now devolved into petty squabbling. The once glorious empire is now derisively known as the Brinks. To the north, the Forbidden Hills hold dangerous secrets, and a furious dispute between the immortal medusae and shapers leaves its mark on the region.

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