Thrones & Bones Tales from Stolki’s Hall

Cattle Die.

Kinsfolk Die.

Only the Deeds of Heroes Live On.

Tales from Stolki’s Hall is an anthology of short stories set in Norrøngard, the Norse inspired land of the Thrones & Bone roleplaying game and the novel Frostborn by Lou Anders.

The stories from Tales from Stolki’s Hall range from the humorous to the horrifying, from epic sagas of bold adventure to poignant accounts of quiet desperation. These ten tales from acclaimed writers of the fantastic greatly expand the land of Norrøngard in a book guaranteed to appeal to fans of the Thrones & Bones novels and games, Norse mythology, Scandinavian culture, and well crafted adult fantasy fiction in general.

Grab your axe, take up your shield, andprepare for adventure!

Stories by Joel Shepherd * Ed Greenwood * K. V. Johansen * Sarah L. Miles * Jon Sprunk * Clay Griffith and Susan Griffith * Rachael Smith * J. Dianne Dotson * Jonathan Anders * Chris Willrich

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