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This map pack features a small industrial workshop with an assembly or processing line with short conveyor belts. Next to the workshop, there is a small storage room.


This map has 6 variants and PNG tiles of the maintenance tunnels or air ducts running above or below the workshop. All variants come with gridded and gridless versions.

  • Background
  • Propped, missile workshop
  • Propped, missile workshop, neutral light
  • Propped, generic workshop
  • Propped, generic workshop, neutral light
  • Unpropped
  • Unpropped, neutral light
  • Vents (2 versions)
  • Vents, neutral light (2 version)

Resolution and Scale

  • Resolution 140 pixels per square
  • Grid dimensions 24×34
  • Recommended Scale 5 ft. or 1.5 m/yd per square
  • File types JPG, WEBP, PDF, PNG

382 FactorySectorEncounter01 24x34 140pp

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