100 Strange or Weird Items for a Modern Setting

This supplement has a collection of odd items that could be found in a modern setting. A setting that might appear normal on the surface, but one in which there are hidden conspiracies, aliens, possibly alternate pasts, magic and all kinds of weirdness kept hidden away from the general public. The items in this collection range from the simply odd to the downright dangerous. Some have powers; many do not. All are strange in some way. They can be used as oddities or as potential adventure hooks.

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Here are some sample results

  • Orrery that appears to depict a different solar system. Closer inspection, though, reveals that it is Sol’s, but with changes. Mars lacks satellites, Venus isn’t present, there is a small planet between Mars and Jupiter and Earth is a satellite of Saturn.
  • Packet of bubble gum that contains four pieces of gum. The gum is cherry flavoured and, if chewed, allows the user to stretch out their body as if it was made as elastic. The effects were off almost completely after an hour, but some stretchiness lingers on.
  • Pair of metal and leather boots. Written inside each is the name “Jack.” If worn, the boots allow a person to jump many times their normal height; dangerous to use inside or with a low ceiling if they haven’t mastered their use.
  • Pair of metal tipped leather gloves. If worn, the gloves conform to the wearer’s hands, fitting perfectly. If the wearer touches a mammal, the metal tips elongate into sharp metal tubules that pierce the mammal’s skin and suck blood from it, restoring health to the wearer.
  • Pair of rose tinted glasses. If worn, they show horrific creatures mingling with the unknowing population, seemingly feeding off them.

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