Alternate Martial Characters

Alternate Martial Characters

Explore new character building options for your D&D 5E characters! Explore more powerful martial classes with alternate class features for the Barbarian, the Fighter, the Monk, and the Ranger! Increase the potency of your subclass with 26 alternate subclasses! And devastate the battlefield with new alternate martial feats!

Alternate Class Options

This product contains alternate class features from levels 1 20 for the following classes the Barbarian, the Fighter, the Monk, and the Ranger. The major changes include the following

  • The Barbarian Utilize a more powerful version of the Barbarian’s rage, changing the extra damage to a Rage Die, and allowing barbarians to have more battlefield control!
  • The FighterBecome the master of any battlefield, as each fighter can utilize potent Battle Tactics in, and out, of combat!
  • The MonkUtilize your Ki in new ways, finding new methods to alter the battlefield with your wide breath of Ki points!
  • The RangerBecome a true warden of the natural world, utilizing your improved Hunter’s Mark and terrain based features!

Alternate Subclasses

This product contains more potent subclasses for each of the alternate classes, including new and alternate features!

Alternate Martial Feats

This product also contains alternate versions of 15 martial related feats, allowing them to be more potent options to take as a character!


These alternate martial classes will be used in any other content published by BentheBeholder. If you wish to fully utilize any new material posted for these classes in the future, you will need this version of the classes to do so. This future content will be able to be used for base 5th edition, but will require some tweaking (which will be described in each piece of content).

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