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Rathayibacter Toxicus’ game (Bxllet> is fucking phenomenal. It’s punchy, evocative, and a damn fine ttrpg.To celebrate its third anniversary, here’s Bxllet Clip a periodical ttrpg zine dedicated to Bxllet.

Our first issue is the Pinxps Issue, featuring the delightful Bxllet Gxrls designed by Brian Yaksha. Inside, you’ll find a kickass Bxllet hack by Adira Slattery, aninterview with Rathayibacter Toxicus, a pair of adventures byMartin Dubuque,brand new rule modules from Rathayibacter, and a crossover supplement between Bxllet’s Wastes and Troupe’s Fiefs with new classes and Beasts byTheOriginalCockatrice.

Deadly Weapons(by Adira Slattery)is a game about power, gender, trauma and hope. You play as Avatars, girls with guns that never leave their side (no matter what) and whisper sweet nothings about shooting Demons.

In my interview with Rathayibacter Toxicus, I journey to Rath’s hell dimension to speak with the designer himself. Our conversation ranged from thirsting after Mewtwo to game design, from Bxllet’s past to its future. Rath proved a captivating speaker, even if the experience was a little personally harrowing.

Rathayibacter Toxicus’Aftermarketsare optional rule expansions for Bxllet to augment the core experience. They’ve got suggestions on bullet rationing and Beast behaviors, as well as rules governing duels between gunslingers.

Dubuque’sLab Runadventure is an expedition into the depths of a randomized superscience lab, full of traps, genetically modified organisms, and the kind of miracle technology that could save the world.The Bayouis a noxious cesspit with its own peculiar Beasts but the same problems as every other damn place capitalists squeezing the life outta their environment.

Gxnne Troupe Does Bxllettranslates the classic Troupe jobs of Jester, Hedge, Ghelf, Witch, Ogra, and Errant into the world of Bxllet. TheOriginalCockatrice has brought along several strange creatures with them, adding a folk horror color to the Bxllet palette.

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