Creepy Comic Conversion Issue 7


An ancient Egyptian horror has been unearthed and now it stalks the city, ensaring the unwary in her netting of doom!Will the players be able to put a stop to the monstrous arachnid horroror will they perish in the.…WEB OF THE WIDOW?

The “Creepy Comic Conversion” series brings those classic horror comics of the ‘50s and ‘60s back to life for the CRYPTWORLD roleplaying game! The front half of each zine presents an original terrifying tale from a long forgotten classic horror comic. Then, in the back, you’ll find the story fully fleshed out and statted into a horrific adventure ready for a frightening evening of gaming!

“Web of the Widow” originally appeared in Haunted Thrills, July/August 1952, Issue 16, by Farrell Comics, Inc. Cover from Adventures Into The Unknown, July 1952, Issue 33, by Best Syndicated Features, Inc. Scans provided courtesy of The Digital Comic Museum at www.digitalcomicmuseum. com.This product refers to CRYPTWORLDTM and Pacesetter SystemTM. More information can be found at and CRYPTWORLDTM, Pacesetter SystemTM, and associated text, logos, and trademarks are owned by Daniel Proctor. Used with permission under license.

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