Dragonegg 02 Lost Sheep A Dragonbane Adventure

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Dragoneggsare an ongoing series of compact scenarios designed forFree League Publishing’s new Dragonbane Roleplaying Game.These are designed to lay in wait in a Gamemaster’s three ring binder until next time they need a game session to go loud.

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The Lost Sheep is a 10 page adventure set in the tranqil halfling community of Yister. Your friend has lost his sheep, can you help find them?

Inside this Dragonegg you will find several maps, a new monster modified by a strange new subterranian interloper, and the potential for an ongoing campaign depending on how your adventurers’ night plays out.

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* Dragonegg is not affiliated with, sponsored, or endorsed by Fria Ligan AB.This Supplement was created under Fria Ligan AB’s Dragonbane Third PartySupplement License.

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