Echoes of the Lost

The mining company ignored the disturbing history of Mount Kalvaa.

Seven days ago, the first miner went missing. Two days later, another two miners went missing. Since then, another four miners and two children have vanished.

Strange lights incapacitate the guards. Visions of the missing haunt those who enter the mine.

The mayor is desperate to rescue her townspeople… or at least, return their bodies to their families.

Can your players brave the bowels of Mount Kalvaa and whatever horror lurks within?

This one shot horror adventure is designed for a party of four Level 8 adventurers.

Inside this adventure, you’ll find

  • A setting neutral adventure that you can use as a side quest or incorporate into your main campaign

  • An introductory game to create a party backstory, even if you’re playing with brand new characters

  • An extensive roleplay guide for the elder oblex (Mordenkainen Presents Monsters of the Multiverse)

  • Maps for the laboratory hidden within Mount Kalvaa

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