Elements Sapphire

This is the core rules set for “Elements” an RPG inspired by a much loved 80s TV show called “Sapphire and Steel”. In this game you play the role of an Elemental Agent.

Outside time, there are beings and entities of great evil and malevolence that seek to break through the walls of time into our world and time. They come here seeking anything from simple killing, to stealing life energy, or even to destroy time itself.

Elemental Agents are super powered beings from outside time that come to fend off and eject the monstrous beings and seal the breaches in time.

Inside this package you’ll find the rules repeated in three PDFs. A normal 8 page PDF for reading on screen, and two PDFs formatted as pocket mods, one for Letter and one for A4. A pocket mod being 8 pages of content printed on a single page that can be folded into a little booklet that will fit in your top pocket, ideal for handing copies to your players.

There are 3 books in this series

Sapphire Core rules
Steel Character generation rules (Pay What You Want)
Lead – Enemy generation rules (Pay What You Want)

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